Love at First Sight

My parents, to this day, continue to tell the following anecdote about the four-year-old version of me:

One day, we went shopping for dresses and I insisted on going to the fitting room to try them on so I could decide which was my favorite.

They often end this with: "Can you imagine? What four-year-old would do that?" and then conclude that my love of fashion (aka. spending too much money on clothes/ window shopping with an absurd amount of longing in my heart) was a part of my destiny (and their detriment).

Because I can't get enough of fashion, because I think of it as art that we wear and introduce and share while we walk and talk, because I think fashion is one of the coolest and quickest ways to share who we are and how we see the world, I started a blog to share my love of the best pieces, runway looks, award show fashions, etc. with all those out there that share a similar lust and passion for this sort of stuff.

Please see my blog here for more notes on what I'm crushing on, buying or putting on my wish lists.

- avni