Forest Lawn

Driving through brutal traffic at a crawl on the 405 and listening to 1070 AM. My news fix, which these days I find more soothing than music. Until one commercial break, when a goofy, cheerful voice advertises Forest Lawn. Changing times for the funeral business. Cremations are trending, but they want you to know that you can still get the same Forest Lawn standard of services. You can bury your urn! You can have a private cremation with family present! And don't forget, plan for the future now so when you die, your family doesn't have to worry. All of this is morbid and sad and makes you think about your life in the bleakest of terms. Other people's lives also flash before you. But then you're confused because the voiceover actors - one woman and one man - seem to be selling wart remover or blemish cream. Just like that and you'll be wart free. Just like that and you'll be all paid up and planned for that urn in the ground that you always wanted, except wait, why are we looking forward to our deaths and our loved ones deaths simply because we've planned well for them?

And perhaps more to the point: does burying an urn defeat entirely the purpose of cremation?