Clean Slate

Two thousand and thirteen is well on its way, perhaps past the point of New Year's resolutions. But I'm a late bloomer with everything and so here I am again, making my decisions about what I need to change long after others have already abandoned their resolutions for a happy return back to their old routines.

Among the things I've changed (place I live, adoption of a dog named Sully, new furniture, new husband (there was no old husband that I swapped in, don't worry), membership to the YMCA), I'm moved to start anew with my web presence. The old site felt cluttered, schizophrenic and poorly organized. One might say I did before I thought (another very me trait) so I am trying to think first this time and get it right.

I have not completely abandoned the old blog and did migrate it to Tumblr so the archives remain, however here, I will be more thoughtful in thinking what it is I want to talk about and how. I hope it will be more interesting, a welcome change for me and you, the single follower of this blog.

the best to all of us,